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Children's World International


Bella in Sumatra

Diary of the visitArabella Churchill


Arabella Churchill, director of Children's World and Children's World International, with her husband Haggis McLeod who is an expert juggler, are at the moment in Aceh in Sumatra. See their diary here. In 2006 they toured the same area making useful local contacts, with a view to a full scale tour to bring some fun to children (and their parents and caring adults) whose lives have been devasted by the tsunami of Christmas 2004. This is the diary of that previous tour.


Slide show here.


While there, Bella and Haggis are taking the opportunity to put on small-scale shows. Bella describes their first show like this:


There is no central or open space to perform in, so Haggis does the show on the road at the entrance to the camp. This gives him endless opportunities for humorous additions to the show, as motorbikes and lorries drive by (at one stage he even lies down in the road to stop traffic, which has the audience in stitches). Hags does really well - lots of brilliant juggling and lots of good humour. The show was very funny, and was very much enjoyed by an audience of about 75 children and 75 adults. He was literally pouring with sweat, which made it even funnier - well, for the audience at least! We are not sure whether the Acehnese have ever seen juggling before. The audience certainly have no idea of the skill level involved - they are no more impressed by a 7-ball trick (which is incredibly hard) than by a 3-ball trick (which is relatively "a piece of cake"). But they seem to like the juggling love the humour and comedy, and luckily Haggis is a bit of a natural clown, and has enormous charm, even when dripping with sweat. It's a great relief to know that the shows will go down well. I see Saril talking excitedly into his mobile phone during the show. He tells me afterwards that he was ringing Fadlulah, the head of Muslim Aid out here, to let him know how well the show was going and let him hear the audience's laughter. Excellent!


Read more by visiting each day's diary as it is posted.

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