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4 April

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Tuesday 4th April


No shows today, just meetings and materials preparation.Arabella Churchill


Meeting Save the Children again


At 10.00 we visit Save the Children again to see Nilgan, the lady in charge of their housing programme. She is extremely helpful and open about the problems facing NGO's doing construction here - corruption, bad materials, ill-mixed cement, bad quality bricks, unseasoned woo. There is the whole question of where the wood should come from – Sumatra has a lot of wood, but is it right to use too much of it - bringing wood in from abroad involves duties and difficulties at customs, etc. There are clearly all sorts of problems. Save the Children are not clear which way to go yet. All the problems that the NGO’s are facing with “permanent housing” akes me think that $1,000 per house for the IDES temporary houses is perhaps a good idea - these might last as well as some of the current "permanent" houses that are being built, if they haven’t got them quite right yet, and the IDES houses are cheap and very fast, which is very important, as people living in tents really should be rehoused as soon as possible – 15 months is quite long enough to live in a tent! Michael's money would build 150 of these houses. I will email him soon with more details and see what he think.


How to make a bean bag


We go back to the hotel and start making 100 beanbags for Haggis’s juggling workshops. We brought English plastic bank bags out with us. You half fill one of these with raw rice (which we bought out here) and then enclose that bank bag inside another bank bag. Then you cut off the neck of 2 balloons (also brought out form England) and stretch these over the bank-bagged rice. You land up with a nice 2-colour beanbag, that is soft and malleable and suitable for young hands. We watch strange American movies on the TV in our room as we do this – they seem to have a taste for rather gorey movies out here – lots of horror films!


We meet a wonderful woman


At 2.30 we go to Yayasan Lamjabat to meet Linda North, a contact we were given by Save the children. Linda is a wonderful woman, with enormous enthusiasm and energy. She shows us round the excellent children's centre that Yayasan Lamjabat runs, 150-250 children visit each day on 6 or 7 days a week. There is a playground, lots of different activities, including educational ones, for the children to undertake. They bus the children in from villages, camps and barracks each day at 3.00 and return them at 5.00. Yayasan Lamjabat also run many other most worthwhile projects in the area. Linda tells us a lot about the situation here and gives us lots of useful contacts. She arranges for us to run a show and workshops this coming Sunday afternoon, 9th April, at a local very devastated village, and also invites us to visit Yayasan Lamjabat to run a show and workshops with their children on next Tuesday, 11th April. We are very impressed with Linda and what she is organizing out here – often it is the smaller NGO’s who achieve things quicker and more efficiently than the big organizations who are so tied down with surveys, meetings, strategy and red tape. She tells me to ring Amurt, another small NGO that she thinks will be able to help us. We tell her we want to work in as many camps and barracks as possible, so she arranges that we will follow the Yayasan Lamjabat transport tomorrow, Wednesday, when it goes to TVRI camp to collect children, and to Llong Raya Barracks on Thursday, so that we can try to meet the Camp and Barracks co-ordinators.




We head back to the hotel, and catch up with the internet, and have a big beanbag making and badge preparing session, before going to eat at the night market just round the corner before collapsing into bed.





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