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17 April

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Monday 17 April

Arabella Churchill

Packed up all our luggage again, paid our bill and bid a fond farewell to the Tuna Cafe - we will certainly stay here when we return with the larger Tour in November/December.

It is perfectly placed for touring most of the camps on Pulua Weh, and it is really cheap and absolutely lovely. We tried to get more money in Sabang, but the only ATM was broken. I change some Euros to get us off the island, but don't change my British Pounds as the rate I am offered is only 14,000 rupiahs instead of the normal 15,100 Rupiahs - I think we will do better to change these once we are back in Banda Aceh.

Mr. Fir drives us back to Gapang Beach, where we bid him a fond farewell - he hasn't been cheap, and his taxi is hideously uncomfortable, but he is a lovely man and he has been extremely kind and helpful.


No show




No Show today - literally our first day without shows or meetings since we arrived 3 weeks ago - so we relax at our new little very simple bungalow right on Gapang Beach. I catch up with this diary and then in the afternoon we have a wonderful dive.

I'm going to go and use the Dive Shop's internet connection now and hope to be able to get all my emails, and get the diary and most of the pix up onto the web.


We leave Aceh a week today - 6 more shows, a lot of accommodation hunting, and a mini-trip to the South West of Aceh to inspect the Ides housing for Michael, and then we'll be on our way home. I am determined that we will bring a larger tour out here in November and December if humanly possible - there is a real need here for what Children's World International can offer!

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