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16 April

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Sunday 16 April


HAPPY EASTER! Arabella Churchill


30 children, 30 adults


No chance of a snorkel this morning as the weather has changed completely, and it is now rough and windy. It was very windy all night, and I have to run around rescuing all the clothes that we had put out to dry on the balcony overnight.

A very quick breakfast, then Mr. Fir collects us to do a Show at SMKA - a school that is being used as a camp. There are only about 30 children and 30 adults. We had brought the badge-making equipment with us, so we had a badge-making session before the Show, which they all absolutely loved.


A real star


Back to Tuna Cafe for lunch and a game of Carcassonne, then Mr. Fir collects us at 4.30 to take us to Sabang Fer for a 5.00 Show. There were about 150 very friendly children and about 200 adults. Haggis picked on a splendid boy to be his volunteer for the spinning ball on the suitcase trick - he and Hags were playing amazing mirroring games which had the audience in stitches, and when asked to boy for his applause, he did the most wonderful Elvis-like gesture - a real star!

There was another little boy, aged about 5, who suddenly ran from the audience to the rear of Haggis to the rather grand house the Show was taking place in front of - Haggis pursued him the the steps - when he returned to the audience he had a toy machine gun that was trained right on Haggis. The guy Haggis gave the firesticks to, when lit, to throw to him, was rather overenthusiastic and one of them headed straight towards me - I was sitting down by one of the speakers, with the ipod in one hand and the camera in the other, so there was not a lot I could do to defend myself, but Haggis did a magnificent catch and saved me! This show was a great success, and the children and adults really enjoyed it a lot. We sat with Mr Fir and his wife and Saril and a load of children he had brought with him, and had cold drinks and fried bananas afterwards gazing at the sunset over the sea. Then back to Tuna Cafe for another game of Carcassonne and early bed.

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